Helping families survive the loss of a child
through choir and service ministry.

Attention Please!

I am continuing to seek and get board members in place. All donated funds will be held until board members have signed off on Mission, Vision and Values statements. There is room for board member guidance and feedback to tweak ATB and make it even better. As you view the video please know, some factors may be altered a bit, though changes, if any, will be posted. *A Thousand Brothers is currently an IRS approved Public Charitable Organization with tax exemption status --- # 82-3106670

The stories will come in time, but for now these are the important needs:

  • Please watch the video. You must be comfortable with our objectives and covenants.
  • The initial focus of ATB and its Sisters will be based in Lackawanna County, PA.
  • Our goals will be to expand into other County Chapters and hopefully other states.
  • Please review the sponsor link below to learn how my company is going to try to cover administrative costs.

If you are from this area and interested in the Choir and/or Service Ministry of ATB please send a message with your contact information.

About Me

My name is David Michael Willson and I am the Founder of "A Thousand Brothers". My plan is to get enough wonderful people around me to make a positive impact in our community in the lives of families who have lost children. My companies will be a part of this. I am going to utilize a percentage of my profit from all projects and product sales to take care of administrative costs. I want as much of your donations as possible going directly to the families we serve. There will be merchant fees that will take a little away, yet your donation should be near 95% of what you give.

Our Sponsors

David Willson

A Thousand Brothers primary benefactor.

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For another sponsor.

Cove Technology, Inc.

Website and Digital Marketing Company


Please contact me for any questions you may have about A Thousand Brothers.